Fortnite Fall Fest Event: Free Rewards, Challenges, and More!

Fortnite Fall Fest Event: Free Rewards, Challenges, and More!

The v21.50 update, one of the final Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 updates, has been released. As a result, the game gained the Late Game Arena, the Pump Shotgun, numerous skins, and other features.

As the season approaches, Epic Games took advantage of the opportunity to add the Fortnite Fall Fest Event. The final event of Chapter 3 Season 3 will most likely be the start of the next season in mid-September.

During the event, there will be challenges, rewards, and Creative maps available. It will be one of the last opportunities to earn XP for this battle pass and unlock skins like Darth Vader and Malik.

Here’s a detailed explanation of the challenges, free rewards, and other features.

Available Challenges – Fortnite Fall Fest Event

There are currently 13 challenges available that are not found in Battle Royale. These challenges are linked to Creative maps, which Epic Games does on occasion.

Here’s the full list of challenges:

  • Eliminate three opponents without dying in One Shot Gun Game (5)
  • Eliminate 55 opponents in One Shot Gun Game
  • Reach level 20 in Frozst Survival
  • Deal 1,000 damage in 10 seconds in Frozst Survival
  • Complete three biome escapes in Escape the World Parkour
  • Complete Escape the World Parkour
  • Destroy 50 structures in GO GOATED!
  • Deal 5,000 damage to opponents in GO GOATED!
  • Spend 250 gold in Monster Wars
  • Outlive three monsters in Monster Wars
  • Complete three achievements at Rainbow Crossroads (10)
  • Throw 20 paint at Rainbow Crossroads

Rewards For Completing Fortnite Fall Fest Challenges

Completing challenges earns you four rewards. The Taco Takeoff loading screen is the first reward. It is given for completing one of the aforementioned challenges.

Next, Players can earn the Cuddle Kickflip style for the Back Board back bling after completing four challenges.

After completing 7 challenges, players can get the Above the Clouds weapon wrap.

Finally, after completing ten challenges, a new Back Board style is unlocked. The back board image is currently unavailable.

Each challenge awards 10,000 XP in Fortnite Season 3 Chapter 3. There are awards for completing a certain number of accomplishments. The Creative map code is available in-game in the challenge description.

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