LEAK: “Mission: Yozakura Family” Manga is Getting An Anime

LEAK: “Mission: Yozakura Family” Manga is Getting An Anime

‘Mission: Yozakura Family’ may be getting an anime adaptation, according to some sources, though no official announcement has been made as of yet.

When it comes to protecting their younger sisters, elder brothers in anime can be terrifying, and Mission: Yozakura Family takes that to a whole new level.
As if dealing with a normal big brother wasn’t scary enough, the protagonist in this story also has to deal with a top-tier spy. This manga is a spicy and action-packed romance that’s ideal for fans of spy stories.

Contrary to popular belief, the manga has a large fan base, and fans have been waiting for an anime adaptation with bated breath.

The manga is described as follows by Manga Plus:

Taiyo Asano is a shy high school student who only communicates with his childhood friend Mutsumi Yozakura. Mutsumi is revealed to be the daughter of the ultimate spy clan! Worse, Mutsumi is being harassed by her overprotective, the nightmare of a brother, Kyoichiro. What drastic measures will Taiyo be forced to take to save Mutsumi?! In this spy family comedy, the mission begins!

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