Noumin Kanren No Skill Reveals New Trailer and Release Date

Noumin Kanren No Skill Reveals New Trailer and Release Date

Nazeka Bakka Agetetara Noumin Kanren No Talent The second trailer for Tsuyoku Natta has been released, and it includes a more in-depth look at the anime adaptation as well as a preview of the opening song “Growing up” by 7ORDER. The trailer also revealed an October 1st Japanese premiere date.

Popsnnid will perform the final song, “Rollin’ Soul Happy Days,” it was also revealed.

No Talent Nazeka Bakka Agetetara Noumin Kanren Tsuyoku Natta is based on the manga of Aki Taruto, which is an adaptation of Sogawa’s Shobonnu light novel series. The plot revolves around Al Wayne, a young man who aspires to be the greatest farmer in the world. After finally reaching the pinnacle of farming skills and maxing out his farmer skill level, Al’s life takes a sudden and drastic turn, and he finds himself going on adventures and getting into battles instead.

The director is Norihiko Nagahama (Date A Live IV and Laid-Back Camp Season 2 episode director), the series composer is Touko Machida (PuraOre! Pride of Orange), the character designer is Masami Sueoka (Chojiku Robo Meguru original character designer), the art director is Daisuke Negishi (Getter Robo Arc), and the photographer is Keisuke Takahashi (Getter Robo Arc).

Meanwhile, Junya Enoki plays Al Wayne, while Minami Tanaka plays Fal Ys Meigis, Rumi Ookubo plays Helen Lean, and Ayaka Suwa Ruri plays Ayaka Suwa Ruri.

Noumin Kanren No Skill Bakka Agetetara Nazeka Tsuyoku Natta, published by Futabasha, debuted in 2018, and the manga’s ninth tankoubon volume will be released on September 30. Monster Comics publishes it and serializes it on Manga Gaugau and Gaugau Monster.

In 2016, the story debuted as a web novel on Shousetsuka ni Narou, then as a light novel series in 2017. The Monster Bunko label publishes light novels, and the series concluded with five volumes in 2018.

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